Titania (summer_queen) wrote in yaoicon,

Future of the Y-Con LJ accounts

Given the instability of Livejournal, and the dwindling userbase, going forward, Yaoi-Con will no longer be announcing updates here. We ask that you check the Web site, our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.

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I'm OK with that, but will you still host auctions here?
Yes -- we should pick back up in April, after Sakura Con.
Hmm. I'm a little hesitant with this news, to be honest. Personally, I hate FB, I don't use Twitter and when I signed up on your website a couple of weeks ago and I got an email confirmation the confirmation wouldn't work and kept giving me an error from your website. So I have no idea if I am on your mailing list for updates from there.

Also, I don't think it's fair that we should be penalized over here for being a 'dwindling userbase'. We are still here. We would appreciate the news. How long can it take to update honestly? A couple of minutes?

I don't want to be traipsing all over the web trying to find out from you guys the hotel/con information, to be honest, especially when it's clear your website mailing list is not working properly.
If you would email pr@yaoicon.com the error you received and the email you tried to subscribe, I will check on the mailing list for you.
Would you please check mine, too? I'm getting the same error. I'll email you the information.

Also, I don't have a Twitter or a Facebook account and I really prefer not to have one. Until the website quits giving errors, would it be possible for you to post on LJ just so people don't miss out on the news? I believe there are quite a few people still checking LJ even if they're not commenting. :(
I've asked our Web master about the errors. I suspect that it's the confirmation pages that are erroring because the site isn't fully up, but that folks are being added fine.
Thank you! I just sent you the error message via email :)
Shame, not a huge facebook fan but have an account there so will follow on other sites from now on. Thanks for the update! :)