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Yaoi-Con Announcements

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
8:33 pm - Future of the Y-Con LJ accounts

Given the instability of Livejournal, and the dwindling userbase, going forward, Yaoi-Con will no longer be announcing updates here. We ask that you check the Web site, our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.


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Monday, January 30th, 2012
7:33 pm - Pardon our dust!

FYI, the Y-Con site looks a little sparse right now, as we've taken the main pages down. But stay tuned for 2012 info!

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Thursday, November 24th, 2011
7:05 pm - Charity Auctions!

A reminder that our charity auctions start tomorrow! You can see a sneak preview of the items (including a Tiger & Bunny print from Inariya-sensei) here. And remember, you must join the community to bid!

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Thursday, November 17th, 2011
10:00 pm - Yaoi-Con: Charitable Auctions

Over the years, thanks to our relationships with both mangaka and their publishers, we've accumulated quite a variety of signed and/or rare items. In the past, you've seen some of these items auctioned on LJ for funds for the con, and earlier this year, for earthquake relief efforts.

We were awed and heartened by the generosity shown by you, our fans, during those dedicated auctions. So much so, that going forward,we'd like to devote our auction proceeds entirely to charity. Each month or so, we'll pick a new charity and donate the proceeds from that month's auctions to that charity.

To make the auctions go smoothly, we've changed from a standard LJ to a community. The rules and process remain the same: you must join the community to view and bid on items and communication will be handled through LJ's messaging system.

As a bonus, each month, all bidders (everyone, not just the winners) will be entered into a raffle for extra prizes. More details to come on this later!

The first round of auctions is coming up fast – Black Friday, November 25th – so sign up at the new auction community now and stay tuned for some sneak previews of the goodies to come!

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
5:41 pm - Schedule is up!


Everything you need to know about events at the con is now available in our printable pocket schedule!

--[ http://www.yaoicon.com/docs/11/ycon_2011_pocket-schedule.pdf ]--


Swap Meet registration has closed! For those who have reserved a table, we will email you shortly with a confirmation. Please do note that the times and location have changed: check-in will be from 3:00-3:30 PM at Salon G-J and the Swap Meet will be open to public at 3:30-6:30 PM. We've also made more tables available for purchase on site if you have not reserved a table, but they are limited! First come, first get!

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Monday, October 17th, 2011
2:34 pm - Fan Market -- Last Chance!

We are making a final sweep to make sure everyone has a) received confirmation and b) received a table assignment. If you have not, email Donna ASAP at the fm@yaoicon.com address and she'll get right back to you.

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Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
7:18 pm - Scavenger Hunt, G | P event, Fan Market tables


The clues are set, teams are primed, and the hunt is on! Will you be the first to unlock all of the clues and claim your just rewards? Or will you be stumped and left scratching your head? Test your cleverness with Yaoi-Con's newest attraction: the scavenger hunt!

--[ http://yaoicon.com/programming/scavenger-hunt.html ]--


We're down to the very last few Fan Market tables. If you want one, jump now and mail the coordinator at fm@yaoicon.com.


Don't miss your chance to meet the lovely ladies of Guilt | Pleasure Saturday night (7:00 – 8:00 PM) at their fan gathering! First 50 in the door will get themselves some snazzy G | P swag!

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Monday, October 3rd, 2011
6:26 pm - Fan Market Tables Available!

Six (6) tables have opened up in the Fan Market. If you are interested in purchasing a table, email the Fan Market Coordinator ASAP!

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Saturday, October 1st, 2011
12:51 am - Fall Into Yaoi-Con!


Why should Spring have all of the fun? Let Yaoi-Con help you with all of your Fall cleaning needs! Come and sign up for our every popular Swap Meet. What other con helps you to make some money before you blow it all in the Dealer's Room? Online registration opens on October 1 and tables will sell out at lightning speed, so grab them before they're gone! Get half of a table at a steal for just $12. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, there will be a limit of one half table per registrant. For more info, please check our Web site!

---[ http://yaoicon.com/programming/swap-meet.html ]--


Are you working hard on your AMV entry but need a little more time? Having trouble finding just the right piece of music for your epic? Can't locate that five second video clip you just KNOW you saw in that one anime you watched 12 years ago? Well, we've got your back! The AMV Contest is extended until 10/14. For all the info on the contest rules, check here.

--[ http://yaoicon.com/amv-contest.html ]--


What's that? You got trapped in an alternate universe where they don't have calendars, and so you didn't pre-register before the cut-off date? Well, don't worry, at-con registration is here for you! Rates are now online:

--[ http://www.yaoicon.com/registration/ ]--


Con Sundays. You know the feeling. That gnawing in your gut that tells you the fun is almost over and soon you'll have to return to your boring, mundane, everyday existence. But don't worry! Yaoi-Con will finish strong with some brand new games that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your noodle working! Yaoi-Con is proud to bring you Big Reveal, Total Recall, and Bishie Pictionary! For all the info on how to join in the fun see here:

--[ http://www.yaoicon.com/programming/ ]--

And stay tuned for Scaveger Hunt details early next week!

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
6:42 pm - Pre-Reg & Panels Deadlines. Swap Meet & Scavenger Hunt Sign-ups Soon!


Fall is almost upon us, and that means that Yaoi-Con is close at hand! What? You mean you haven't registered yet? What are you waiting for?! Pre-registration closes on September 21, and after that you'll have to fritter away precious con time waiting to register at-the-door. Don't waste a minute of fun and pre-register today!

--[ http://yaoicon.com/registration/ ]--


Let's face it, humans are cliquish by nature, and as for otaku, sheesh! Don't get us started! But that's okay. We want to you enjoy hanging out with others who have the same esoteric, you-remember-that-one-episode-of-Gundam Mecha Magical Toddler Boopsie -- OMG!! -- interests that you do. Registration for fan panels and gatherings is still open, but don't delay! Boopsie won't wait forever! Info on Fan Gatherings can be found on our main page, and panels in general here:

--[ http://yaoicon.com/programming/panels-a-workshops.html ]--


Hoarding is a terrible condition that affects people from all walks of life, but is particularly hard on otaku. All of those volumes of manga, all of those figurines, all of those doujinshi! What's a desperate otaku to do? Well, we're here to help you! You've got stuff to sell. Other people want to buy stuff. Bing bang boom! Yaoi-Con is happy to bring buyers and sellers together is our ever-popular Swap Meet! This is the only event where you can actually make money -- before spending it all again. So what if you end up bringing more stuff home than you took to the con to sell – at least it will be new stuff that will bury you in happiness!

Registration for Swap Meet will open later this month. In the mean time, check out the details:

--[ http://yaoicon.com/programming/swap-meet.html ]--


At Yaoi-Con, we like to take the ordinary and make it yaoi-rrific. Admit it, you'll never think of auctions and bingo the same way ever again, will you? This year brings a new event to the con – the very first Yaoi-Con Scavenger Hunt! Just *imagine* the fun things we could have you hunting down! We're looking for up to 20 teams of up to 5 members each to take part. The hunt commences Saturday at the con, and details about sign-ups will be coming soon, so get your teams together and get ready to rumble!

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Friday, August 26th, 2011
5:33 pm - Hotel is sold out!

The con block at the hotel is completely SOLD OUT for all days. The only rooms available at the hotel will be at full price, so we suggest checking nearby hotels for vacancies.

NOTE: If you need to cancel your room, we strongly suggest that you check the forum or our LiveJournal community to see if you can transfer the room to someone. If you cancel it, the hotel will make the room available at their regular rate, NOT the con rate

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Thursday, August 25th, 2011
8:39 pm - ATTN: Fan Market Applicants

The Fan Market Coordinator emailed everyone again this afternoon, and is catching up on any emails sent in the last few days. If you sent your form & payment in before the deadline, you SHOULD have received an email confirmation (assuming you gave us a contact email).

If you did not receive an email today, please contact the coordinator.

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Friday, August 19th, 2011
11:29 pm - Guest & Fan Market updates and more!


One of ours is Jo Chen's gorgeous art, so we're head over heels happy to welcome her back to Yaoi-Con! She'll be in the Dealers' Room selling prints and doujinshi.

--[ http://yaoicon.com/guests/ ]--


All applicants (except for 2 folks who neglected to provide us an email) WILL get an email from us this weekend. If you do NOT get one by Sunday night - contact us ASAP. There's a chance there may be more tables made available. To get put on the waiting list email the Coordinator at fm@yaoicon.com. If space opens up, we'll contact people on the list.


And you can't get into Yaoi-Con 2011 unless you register, so get those forms in tout suite! General rate registration will close on September 21, after which you will have to stand in line for at-the-door registration, watching everyone else have fun while you while away your time. But why wait until you can start making those Yaoi-Con memories? Join the cool kids and register today!

--[ http://yaoicon.com/registration/ ]--


"So in the first series, Blah-Skippy, so-and-so did some stuff with a magical protractor and saved the kingdom and then got laid by the sexy uke. And in the second series, Blah-Skippy-Blah, the hero used an enchanted ruler and saved the kingdom and then got laid by two sexy ukes!"

Do you know everything there is to know about the epic "Blah-Skippy" anime? Well, we want to know, too! So sign up for a panel to share your extensive knowledge with the rest of the class. Or, if you would rather arrange a gathering with other "Blah-Skippy" fans to geek out about the various ways in which school supplies can be used to get a guy laid by hot ukes, you can do that, too! Just be sure to indicate on your application that you are signing up for a fan gathering. For all the info you could ever possibly need, visit our site!

--[ http://yaoicon.com/programming/panels-a-workshops.html ]--


And music set to pretty pictures does the job even better! That's right, the Yaoi-Con AMV Contest is open for submissions! Where else can you show that slash vid you've been dying to make without other con-goers giving you strange looks? So what if the guys you love barely spoke to each other during the show. We have faith that your work of genius will portray them as the hottest couple to have ever had eye-nookie across a crowded room! Send in your entry today! For info on the hows and wherefores, see here:

--[ http://yaoicon.com/amv-contest.html ]--

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
10:09 pm - Attention those of you who applied for the Fan Market

ALL confirmations will go out this week. Sorry for the delay!

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Sunday, July 31st, 2011
7:26 pm - Now accepting Dealers' Room applications

The Dealers' Room is now open to applications! Space is extremely limited, so if you are interested, email the Dealers' Room Supervisor (dr@yaoicon.com) with your name, number of tables needed and the type of goods you intend to sell. She will let you know if space is available. Please do not send in the application and payment until you receive the OK from the Supervisor.

--[ http://yaoicon.com/vendors/dealers-room.html ]--

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Monday, July 25th, 2011
5:42 pm - Fan Market Sold Out!

The Fan Market is now closed to applications, as we have received more applications than there are tables. Over the next 1-2 weeks, successful applicants will receive confirmation regarding their tables from the Fan Market Coordinator.

Anyone whose application was received after the tables were sold out will be placed on a waiting list in the order received.

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
8:22 pm - Hotel Sold out at Con Rate for Thursday!

The hotel is SOLD OUT at the con rate for Thursday, October 20th. The only rooms available are full price at $269 per night. There are still rooms available at the con rate for Friday and Saturday, but they're going quickly, so don't wait to reserve!

NOTE: Do not reserve a room at the hotel for the full rate on Thursday and ask us to convert it to the con rate -- the hotel will NOT do this and you will end up paying full price.

We will be updating shortly with an overflow hotel option for Thursday night.

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
5:37 pm - Fan Market Registration is Open!


Do you have mad artistic skills, but no one know buy your parents, your closest friends, and maybe your cat? Well Yaoi-Con is here for you! The Fan Market is the perfect venue for you to showcase your goods. And best of all? No one will give you the stink eye when they see your gorgeous oil painting of two guys getting it on!
This year we're welcoming a new Fan Market Coordinator -- Hoan! Our previous coordinator will still be around to assist Hoan as she settles in. FYI: Hoan is out of town until July 7th, so may not respond immediately to inquiries. Do go ahead and send your forms and money in, though -- she'll process everything once she's back!

--[ http://yaoicon.com/vendors/fan-market.html ]--

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Friday, July 1st, 2011
6:20 am - Yaoi-Con: Fun on the Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone! We're down in sunny southern California for the weekend, but wanted to share a few tidbits before all the fireworks and food!Collapse )

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Friday, June 17th, 2011
6:06 pm - Yaoi-Con: Friday Quickies!

On the road, panels and fan market updates!Collapse )

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