Titania (summer_queen) wrote in yaoicon,

Yaoi-Con: Charitable Auctions

Over the years, thanks to our relationships with both mangaka and their publishers, we've accumulated quite a variety of signed and/or rare items. In the past, you've seen some of these items auctioned on LJ for funds for the con, and earlier this year, for earthquake relief efforts.

We were awed and heartened by the generosity shown by you, our fans, during those dedicated auctions. So much so, that going forward,we'd like to devote our auction proceeds entirely to charity. Each month or so, we'll pick a new charity and donate the proceeds from that month's auctions to that charity.

To make the auctions go smoothly, we've changed from a standard LJ to a community. The rules and process remain the same: you must join the community to view and bid on items and communication will be handled through LJ's messaging system.

As a bonus, each month, all bidders (everyone, not just the winners) will be entered into a raffle for extra prizes. More details to come on this later!

The first round of auctions is coming up fast – Black Friday, November 25th – so sign up at the new auction community now and stay tuned for some sneak previews of the goodies to come!
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